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Business Aviation LPV/FMS Super Solution

Avidyne’s FMS/LPV solution for Business Aviation

Future is Bright: Avidyne 2020

Avidyne’s future going into 2020

Avidyne Citation V

Avidyne’s IFD550 in a Citation 560

Avidyne IFD550 Performance in Airbus

IFD550 through the Alaskan mountains & glaciers

Avidyne IFDs for Helicopters

IFD550 3D Synthetic Vision & Terrain alerting in a helicopter

Using Innovation, Technology and Simplicity

Avidyne’s philosophy for the IFD Series

Entering a Flight Plan

How to enter a flight plan with Baron Pilot

Unpublished Holds with IFD

Entering unpublished holds on the IFD with Baron Pilot

Getting to Know Your IFD540/440

Learn the Ins and Outs of your IFD with Gary Reeves

Avidyne IFD Installation

Martin Pauly installs his IFDs

Mulitple approaches on 1 FlightPlan on the IFD

How to load multiple approaches on the IFD – Martin Pauly

My First Approaches in IMC with Avidyne IFD

Martin Pauly’s first flight using IFDs

Avidyne Avionics Upgrade Test Flight

310 Pilot’s first flight using Avidyne avionics

BYE, BYE Key West…Hello Tampa

310 Pilot flies from Key West to Tampa with Avidyne avionics


Baron Pilot flies in the first Avidyne equipped Citation Encore

Avidyne IFD550 – intercept published route

Incepting a published route with Keith Peterson

Coupled Approach with IFD550

Keith Peterson shows you how to do a coupled approach


Dan Schwinn’s interview on SocialFlightLive

Avidyne in 2021

Avidyne’s future going into 2021.