You can find all warranty details and pricing below. Please contact if you have any questions about purchasing or renewing a warranty.



All products manufactured by Avidyne are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of twenty-four (24) months from date of installation. If our Product fails to perform during the warranty period, then we will, at our sole discretion, either repair or replace the Product or provide a refund of the purchase price of the Product. The warranty is made upon several express conditions such as but without limitation:

  • that we are given prompt notice of the claimed Product non-conformity;
  • the Product is returned to us via an Avidyne Authorized Dealer;
  • the Product has not been altered, except with our written consent;
  • the Product has not been repaired by anyone, except Avidyne or an authorized repair facility;
  • the Product has been properly installed, maintained and operated;
  • the Product has not been damaged due to tampering, lightning or other electrical source, or other non-Avidyne related causes.

Avidyne’s warranty does not provide coverage for damaged display glass or bezel due to normal wear or misuse and is subject to flat-rate repair fees when needed. For products installed from 8/1/2022 thru 7/31/2023 you may still register your product and sign the indemnification to receive a four year warranty. Any products installed outside this window that have not been registered with an indemnification will fall under the Standard Product warranty.

Avidyne’s standard warranty represents its sole responsibility for its Product and in no event will Avidyne be responsible or liable for any other direct, indirect, consequential, special or other damage claim – all as more specifically stated in the original Product warranty. Avidyne’s warranty does not provide coverage for hardware or software upgrades. Avidyne’s warranty does not cover shipping, customs, or duty fees for international customers.


Avidyne is committed to supporting our Entegra products for the long term.  AeroPlan™, our high-value extended warranty program, is an important step toward enhancing your Avidyne ownership experience and to reducing your long term cost. When your aircraft has a post-warranty maintenance event, it can be inconvenient and costly.  AeroPlan™ is the best way to ensure that you have peace of mind and proper coverage against unforeseen repairs. AeroPlan™ saves you even more money while ensuring long-term protection for your avionics investment. Avidyne’s AeroPlan Warranty coverage is designed for Entegra PFD/MFDs to keep your plane up and flying. Choose from a new one or two year warranty or renew your existing warranty for one to two years. If you require a repair within 60 days of warranty purchase you will need to buy the addt’l fee of $2100.

New Warranty1-Year Price2-Year Price
1-MFD Screen(Aircraft with just a MFD no PFD)$2,310$3,675
1-MFD Screen and 1-PFD$4,935$7,875
2-PFD Screens and 1-MFD$7,560$12,075
2-PFD Screens$5,250$8,400
Addt’l Fee When Repair Needed within 60 Days$2100$2100
Renewal with Existing Warranty1-Year Price2-Year Price
1-MFD Screen(Aircraft with just a MFD no PFD)$735$1,365
1-MFD Screen and 1-PFD$1,575$2,940
2-PFD Screens and 1-MFD$2,415$4,515
2-PFD Screens$1,680$3,150

Items not covered by AeroPlan™ Extended Warranty

  • Failures within 60 days of the date of a new Agreement. If a repair is needed within 60 days an additional fee of $2100 must be purchased.
  • Moritz DAU or SIU.
  • Labor charges for the removal, replacement and calibration of repaired or exchanged products.
  • Fees for exchange, advance exchange or expedited repair service.
  • Optional software or hardware upgrades and new feature upgrades.
  • Damage to the glass, bezel or other components.
  • Replacement of life limited parts including the 3 volt lithium battery that maintains CMOS memory on an internal processor board. The CMOS battery has a life expectancy of approximately 10 years and anytime a MFD is in for a repair and the battery is greater than 8 years old it is recommended that the battery be replaced. There is a charge for replacement of the battery and that charge is not covered under this Agreement.
  • Additional charges may apply for products that have been subjected to excessive wear and tear.
  • Products returned with physical damage or evidence of tampering with warranty seals are subject to a hidden damage inspection fee. Broken warranty seals will automatically invalidate any warranty.
  • Repairs of Magnetometers are not covered under the AeroPlan Warranty.
  • Freight and other charges related to shipping/transport including duties, tariffs etc.
  • PFD and MFD AeroPlan Extended Warranties cover repair and return of existing units.  Avidyne also offers expedited repair and return for additional fees.

Flat Rate Repair Service

For all repairs not covered by the factory warranty of two years or if your Avidyne Entegra PFD/MFD are not covered under AeroPlan coverage, then there will be a flat rate repair price to service your avionics equipment. If you require a repair you must obtain an RMA from your dealer and they will remove, pack and ship the unit back to Avidyne.

No returns will be accepted without a return authorization number issued by Avidyne. Freight costs, labor, and other charges are not included in the repair prices below. There is a 6-month warranty on all repairs. Typical turn around time is 10-15 business days from receipt of unit for repair. Repair times may vary. Please verify current turn around times for the most accurate information.

We do offer a repair and return service which is when your unit is repaired and sent back to you. Turn around time is 10-15 business days from receipt of unit for repair. For faster turn-around you can request an exchange unit which is a ready to ship remanufactured unit that will ship as soon as your unit is returned.

The following is a list of repair prices:

EXP5000 PFD Out of Warranty $8,050
EX5000 MFD Out of Warranty $7,475
Magnetometer $5,635
TAS600 $4,106
TAS605 $4,106
TAS610 $4,106
TAS615 $4,106
TAS620/9900BX $4,106
TAS605A $4,106
TAS615A $4,106
TAS620A $4,106
TAS Transponder Coupler $345
TWX670 $2,300
DFC90 $2,875
IFD5000i/IFD6000i $6,900
ACR BLADE $2,875 
VHF BLADE $2,875 
GPS BLADE $5,750 
MPIO $2,875 
KEYBOARD $1,725 
DFC100 $2,875 
IFD Series Black Bezel $2,576 
IFD Series Gray Bezel $2,806 
Atlas/Helios $3,151 
AXP340 $880 
AXP322 $880 
AMX240 $598 
Skytrax100/B200 $1,380 
DAU/SIUContact Radiant Power Corporation for current pricing
Contact Duncan Aviation for current pricing 800-562-6377
inside US. +1-402-475-2611
outside the US.