Tablet Application Solutions: IFD TRAINER

Avidyne’s IFD Trainer is a Free Play Simulator that allow you train in the comfort of your home or office to learn the IFD.

IFD Trainer App: Free Play Simulator

Designed with actual IFD flight code, the IFD Trainer can emulate any of the six IFD models and provide authentic IFD simulation, allowing you to practice all the functions of the IFD including radio tuning, flight plan entry, Direct To navigation, en route navigation, entering and editing holds, and Approach procedures.

Top Features

Use your iPad to become familiar with the IFD in the comfort of home or office, without having to run the engine of your plane.

Simulates any of the six different IFD models including IFD550, IFD545, IFD540, IFD510, IFD440, and IFD410

Avidyne IFD Trainer is a free download from the App Store

IFD Trainer and companion videos on provide comprehensive tools for quickly getting you proficient and flying confidently with the IFD system.

Featured Products

IFD IPad Trainer And Simulator

Download the free app and discover the ease and power of Avidyne’s IFD flight management system for FREE. The IFD Trainer for iPad exactly duplicates everything you would experience with an Avidyne IFD in your cockpit.

Whether you’re a new Avidyne Pilot learning your new IFD or if you’re considering an Avidyne IFD yourself, The IFD IPad Trainer And Simulator will provide you with realistic scenarios where you can experience the simplicity of design that makes entering and changing your flight plan quick and easy.

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Great product. My IFD-540s have been great to use and Avidyne support has been good to deal with.

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