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You deserve a modern flight deck. With Avidyne, you’ll join a community of exceptional pilots. Pilots with an unmatched pride in their aircraft, flying skills and safety records. Look inside the aircraft of any discriminating pilot and you’ll see Avidyne avionics. Explore the reasons why.

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Avidyne IFD Series FMS/GPS/NAV/COM

Over 20 years ago, Dan Schwinn – founder and CEO of Avidyne, saw the need for avionics that made single pilot flying safer and easier. This led to the introduction of the Avidyne Entegra PFD and EX500 MFD avionics.

Spurred on by the enthusiastic acceptance of the GA community, Avidyne set out to introduce the next generation of breakthrough avionics – the Avidyne IFD Series.

Focused on General Aviation, the core technologies developed for the IFD series of premium avionics provide single pilots with a better, safer way to fly with an integrated flight deck that was created, by pilots for pilots.


Safety begins with accuracy. Avidyne IFD series provides SBAS/LPV precision navigation designed to meet the accuracy and integrity requirement for ADS-B. Avidyne IFD series reduces pilot workload and are designed for simplicity of operation with an easy-to-use interface allowing you to control the unit with touch-screen technology or knobs and buttons – a potentially critical advantage in turbulence.


A successful flight requires you to have full situational awareness from start-up to shut-down. Avidyne IFD series keeps your flights easy and manageable starting with Foreflight and FltPlan compatible uploading of your flight plans, monitoring your in-flight progress and making mid-flight changes a breeze.

IFD Series Trainer

You wouldn’t buy an aircraft before a test flight would you? That’s just one of the reasons Avidyne created the IFD Trainer.* 

Now you can virtually “take a flight”, introduce yourself to the interface, and experience all the technology Avidyne built into the IFD series. Experience the Hybrid touchscreen and the knobs and buttons.

*Only available on iPad


Get where you need to go. That’s why we fly. Avidyne wants you to keep your head up when flying with your family and loved ones. That’s the reason Avidyne designed their FMS to be as user-friendly as possible. Go where you need to go in two clicks or less.

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The Avidyne Briefing Room or The Pilot’s Lounge

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