GPS Navigators for Helicopter Owners and Operators

The IFD-Series GPS Navigators for helicopters were designed with real world flying conditions in mind. This means every detail and function of our IFD Series is engineered with purpose: to make flying, whether it be fixed wing or rotorcraft, simpler and safer. That’s why we included knobs and buttons. Modern, touchscreen interfaces are no doubt easy to use, but in times of turbulence, instability or inclement weather, touchscreen interfaces can be cumbersome and difficult to manage. Knobs and buttons allow for greater accuracy and confidence when touchscreen is no longer a viable option.

Designed to keep your fleet running

Fleet operators know that up time is the only thing that matters. A grounded aircraft costs money and degrades service levels. Fortunately, Avidyne designed the IFD Series to keep your fleet not just up and running but operating with technology and features that will last for years to come. It means being able to rely on a consistent platform of IFD and TAS systems for your entire fleet – a suite of products with plug-n-play interoperability no matter what you rely on for your mission, from two-seat trainers to helicopter to corporate jets.

Minimized downtime, upgraded technology, and a richer feature set;  Avidyne is ideal for fleet operations.

IFD-Series Features for Helicopters:


Touchscreen technology with knobs and buttons allows for greater accuracy and confidence when touchscreen isn’t an option during inclement weather and turbulence.


The Avidyne IFD-Series of GPS navigators are direct slide-in replacements for GNS530 and 430 navigators. Using the same trays and wiring, you can upgrade your panel while dramatically reducing installation time and operational costs.


Integrated on all IFD models, Avidyne’s Synthetic Vision provides 3D display of nearby traffic and terrain plus Terrain and Obstacle Alerting, an added measure of safety and situational awareness for helicopter operators flying low-altitude operations.


Helicopter operators will appreciate the IFDs ability to remotely select up to 16 pre-programmed COM channels via an optional cyclic-mounted switch which increments through each COM channel number and frequency for display in the standby COM window. A remote frequency transfer input.

TAS-A Traffic Advisory Systems (TAS) with ADS-B IN

Situational awareness is essential to a safe, successful mission. Knowing where traffic is located saves lives and your aircraft. Avidyne’s TAS-A Traffic Advisory Systems (TAS) combines ADS-B IN and actively interrogated transponders of nearby aircraft. The system seamlessly correlates this information on a wide range of display systems, while providing visual and audible alerts in the event of a potential traffic conflict. Providing real-time traffic monitoring and advisories, the TAS-A Series is not radar-coverage limited, and can provide collision avoidance protection independent of ground-based systems.

The TAS-A Series detects and depicts 1090ES ADS-B-equipped aircraft with better accuracy and at a further range than active-surveillance alone, plus you continue to benefit from the active-surveillance capability of TAS for non-ADS-B aircraft and as an independent traffic awareness system—regardless of GPS operation or ADS-B coverage or participation. As the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) is implemented, and with the mandate for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) on the horizon, you can fly with confidence know that the TAS-A is designed to provide RTCA DO0260B ADS-B IN capabilities.