Upgrade your panel with Avidyne’s feature-rich
FMS LPV ADS-B Solution for Business Aviation

Avidyne’s FMS/LPV upgrade solution is a full featured flight management system that provides a better, more affordable way to navigate the skies. Avidyne’s IFD FMS/NAV/COM is an easy-to-use, yet powerful design.  The IFD550 and IFD545 provide SBAS/LPV precision navigation designed to meet accuracy and integrity requirements for ADS-B.  Avidyne’s FMS/LPV solution for legacy flight decks, installs in weeks not months saving on downtime and installation costs.   The IFD Series is also a slide-in replacement for the old GNS.   You can use the same tray and connectors.  No need to cut up your existing panel.

Made by pilots for pilots, Avidyne’s full line of avionics are engineered for simplicity with the latest in pilot-centric technology including knobs and buttons should touchscreen no longer be an option in times of turbulence and inclement weather. As avid aviation enthusiasts themselves, the Avidyne Team understands workload reduction and simplicity of operation. The IFD 5-Series features a Page & Tab interface allowing all necessary tasks to be completed in a push or two of a button or the quick touch of a finger.

Engineered to be operable and future proofed.

Avidyne products are engineered to not only keep your aircraft up and running, but equipped with the latest technology and features that will last for years to come. Operational means being able to rely on a consistent platform of FMS and ADS-B systems for your business jet – a consistent suite of products with plug-n-play interoperability no matter what your mission may be.

But beyond keeping your aircraft operational, Avidyne’s ADS-B compliant suite of avionics puts the most pilot-centric technology at your fingertips, from Synthetic Vision, to GeoFill waypoints, to a hybrid touch interface with knobs and buttons.

GPS Legacy Aviation System (GLAS™ ) Technology

GLAS™ is a highly integrated, simple to install method of enabling legacy pre-WAAS EFIS flight decks to fly GPS approaches with vertical guidance. It has different configurations appropriate for most legacy EFIS flight decks including Pro Line 21 and Primus 1000. Installing IFDs with GLAS technology provides ADS-B position data as well as being the least expensive, quickest and most functional way to add LPV capability to these legacy EFIS aircraft. GLAS tightly integrates either the internal VHF of our IFD550 or the external VHF provided in some configurations using the IFD545 to seamlessly switch the EFIS and autopilot ILS input to GPS with vertical guidance. There are appropriate annunciations and reversion mode considerations in each installation.

IFD 5-Series FMS Features for Business Aviation: