iFly EFB Integration and use with the Avidyne IFD


Adventure Pilot has officially announced integration with the IFD and their iPad app iFly EFB. In this joint webinar, we welcome Walter Boyd from Adventure Pilot to discuss the benefits […]

New Avidyne Customers


Welcome to an elite group of pilots and aviators! In this webinar, we'll be going over some basic functions of the IFD, and all of the material you received in […]

IFD Basics


In this webinar, we will be giving a high-level overview of the IFD and how to perform basic tasks like entering flight plans, routes, approaches, as well as understanding the […]

Connecting/Using the iPad with your IFD


Learn about the IFD100 app and how to connect your iPad to the IFD's built-in Wi-Fi. We'll also go over how to set up your app, how traffic and weather […]

GNS to IFD Retrofit: Tips and Tricks


Follow along with us as we go into the finer details of a GNS to IFD swap in your panel! We'll answer all of the frequently-asked questions so you can […]

Vantage12 for Cirrus


Learn about how the latest revolution in avionics is going to transform your Cirrus cockpit.


Avidyne will be attending HAI Heli-Expo to celebrate the vertical aviation industry at the Anaheim Convention Center in California.