If you have a question on how to use your equipment or experiencing a technical problem, we’re here to help. Below are a few easy steps to get your questions answered.

1.  Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is the great place to start!   It’s our #1 resource for “How To’s”, FAQs and documentation for most Avidyne products. Everything from warranty to software updates,  how to set up your IFD100 app, training information and more.   Before you call your dealer or submit a support ticket, check The Knowledge Base first. The answer you seek may be there!

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Disclaimer: Information included in The Knowledge Base is for reference only used for general information purposes. Please refer to the Installation Manual, Pilot’s Guide, or other FAA approved data for official instructions.

2.  Contact Your Dealer

Your dealer/installer is the most familiar with the technical aspects of your equipment since they are who installed it in your aircraft. If you are having technical issues, and cannot find the answer in Knowledge Base,  please contact the dealer that installed your equipment for assistance.

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3.  Submit a Support Ticket

If your question or technical issue remains unresolved, you can submit a support ticket to our Technical Support Team. Upon submitting, one of our Tech Support Representatives will be assigned to handle your case and will contact you as soon as possible. Please be as complete and thorough as possible in explaining what you’re having trouble with.

Submit a Ticket