Avidyne teams with Jeppesen to support recreational aviation foundation expansion of nav databases for aviation GPS navigators

Through their combined efforts, many back-country, private-use, and unimproved airstrips are being added to the Jeppesen Nav Databases used in aviation GPS navigators, making these airstrips more accessible and safer for all pilots.

Melbourne, FL – February 09, 2022Avidyne Corporation has teamed with Jeppesen® and the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) to promote the inclusion of airstrip information of new and existing airstrips developed on private and public land in the Jeppesen Nav Databases used for aviation GPS systems.  

“The Recreational Aviation Foundation does some terrific work identifying, maintaining and driving funding for back-country, off-the-grid type airstrips on private and public-use land,” said Avidyne President, Dan Schwinn. “Adding more of those type of airstrips to the Jeppesen Nav databases of aviation GPS units makes it much easier for a larger number of private pilots across the country to gain access and enjoy the benefits and freedom of flying that we all cherish.”

“Our goal is to promote back country flying and to encourage more pilots to join us in the adventure of flight, and the aviation community is fortunate to have a friend like Avidyne who recognizes the value of these off-the-beaten-path aviation destinations,” said RAF Chairman, John McKenna. “Avidyne actively supports the RAF and we really appreciate their efforts working with Jeppesen to enhance the NAV databases so these not-so-mainstream kinds of places can find their way onto the screens of modern avionics.”

About the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) (http://www.theraf.org)

Recognized by the IRS as a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the RAF’s all-volunteer membership strives to promote recreational aviation, assist in funding of new airstrips on public land, develop educational materials, and to drive national recognition of backcountry flying and airstrips as legitimate use of public lands. Many of the issues that involve the RAF transcend state boundaries and encourages various state pilots’ organizations to form active committees that work on and protect recreational airstrip issues.

About Avidyne Corporation (https://www.avidyne.com/)

Avidyne Corporation is a market-leader in the design and manufacture of flight displays, communication, navigation, surveillance, and flight control avionics systems for piston-, turbine-, and electric powered fixed-wing and rotory-wing aircraft, serving the corporate, military, general aviation, and autonomous/remote-pilot advanced air mobility markets. Avidyne’s IFD 550, IFD540, and IFD440 are industry-leading IFD-capable FMS/GPS/NAV/COM systems serving these markets. For more than 25 years, Avidyne has sustained a continuous track record of developing highly innovative, technologically advanced avionics systems that make flying easier, safer, more accessible, and more enjoyable. Avidyne’s Headquarters and Manufacturing are in Melbourne, FL, and the company has additional facilities in Columbus, OH, and Concord, MA.