Introducing Avidyne Helios™
NextGen Multifunction FMS
for Helicopters

A dzus-mount Flight Management System
designed for the rigorous demands of
corporate, military and special mission helicopters

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SkyTrax600 Series: ADS-B capable
Traffic Advisory Systems (TAS)

For improved safety and situational awareness, you
need to see the whole picture.

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Finally. An FMS/ADS-B Solution
for Business Aviation

A full-featured FMS/ADS-B solution with approved SBAS/LPV
approaches that can be installed in days, not weeks saving on
downtime and money.

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Avidyne Atlas™

A dzus-mount, multifunction SBAS flight management
system that sets a new standard for integration
in turbine class navigation systems.

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The Avidyne Stack
Made for each other.

Be the envy of your pilot friends!
The AMX240 Audio Panel, IFD550, IFD440, AXP340 Transponder
and the DFC90 Digital Autopilot. Making flying safer and smarter.

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The IFD100 App
Get Big Glass for your cockpit

The IFD100 App for iPad not only acts like an other instance of
your IFD but provides additional functionality.
A FREE download with any IFD.

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The Avidyne Stack
Be the envy of all your pilot friends

AMX240 Audio Panel, IFD550, IFD440, AXP340
Transponder and the DFC90 Digital Autopilot.
Making flying safer and smarter.

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IFD Series
for Light Corporate Jets
and Turboprops

Finally. An affordable, full featured FMS/ADS-B
solution that can be installed in days, not weeks.

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The IFD100 App
Big Glass capabilities at
a fraction of the cost.

The IFD100 App for IPad not only mirrors the IFD
but acts as another instance. Download FREE with any IFD.

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SkyTrax Series: ADS-B capable
Traffic Alerting Systems

For improved safety and situational awareness, you
need to see the whole picture.

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Leading the aviation industry in avionics
innovation, safety and simplicity.

It’s what we do. It’s ALL we do. We’re a team of pilots and aviation enthusiasts who solve real-world flying problems. From ground to sky, everything we do is with your safety top of mind and from your point of view.

We have many experienced pilots on our design and engineering teams, many of whom have logged thousands of hours in civilian and military aircraft. When it comes to developing avionics, our primary goal is to ensure that you can find what you need fast and without complication allowing you keep your head up focused on the sky.

General Aviation

Avidyne avionics for General Aviation
are made by pilots, for pilots. Easy to
use, simple to install with all the
features and benefits you need to make
your mission safer and more enjoyable.

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Corporate Jets

An FMS/LPV/ADS-B solution that provides a better,
more affordable way to navigate the skies. Get SBAS/
LPV precision navigation designed to meet the
accuracy and integrity requirements for ADS-B.

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The Avidyne IFD-Series of GPS navigators
for helicopters and fleets are direct slide-in replacements
of the GNS navigators. More capabilities for less cost
and downtime.

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Avidyne’s touchscreen IFD Series is a true Flight Management System in an easy-to-use, yet powerful design.  The IFD Series features a touchscreen plus knobs and buttons, synthetic vision, integrated Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity and more.  In addition, the IFD Series is a direct slide-in replacement for legacy GNS Series navigators saving you both on time and money.


Situational awareness is vital to a successful mission. Knowing where you are, who or what is around you including weather conditions saves lives.  Avidyne’s ADS-B solutions provide peace of mind while meeting safety requirements.

For a Limited Time

ATTN: GNS Owners
Now is the time to upgrade your old GNS navigator!

Swap out your old GNS navigator for an Avidyne IFD slide-in replacement!

Download the IFD Trainer App!

Wondering if the IFD FMS/GPS/NAV/COM
is right for you?

You can download the IFD Trainer App for iPad® for FREE!  It’s like having an IFD in the palm of your hands! Learn it, fly it, love it!

Consumer Support

Have a question regarding your Avidyne equipment?
From User How To’s to Product Registration and
Warranty, we have you covered. Get quick and easy
answers with our Customer Support Team.

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Dealer Support

Access technical support, install manuals,
product documentation, submit RMAs and
more though our Dealer Portal.




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  • Going fast is my business. That's why I chose Avidyne's IFD540 for my GPS/NAV/COM upgrade. The direct replacement of my old 530 took no time at all, and entering flightplans is fast and easy.

    BILL ELLIOTT IFD540 Customer, NASCAR® Legend
  • I rely on my airplane for business travel and the IFD540 makes my flights uneventful, even in hard IFR.

    LARRY LEVIN IFD540 Customer,
    Socata Trinidad Owner
  • What an upgrade! The IFD540 does everything far better than the Garmin it replaced. Entering complex IFR flight plans is much more intuitive and takes a fraction of the time it used to.

    Mike Sutton IFD540 Customer, Cessna 210 Owner