Whether you fly personally or for business, in fixed-wing or rotary aircraft, through all phases of flight, Avidyne avionics systems are engineered to make your flying safer, easier and more enjoyable.










If you have ever felt apprehension from flying in zero visibility weather or lost the horizon on a hazy, cloudy night, you’re going to love the new Avidyne Vantage flight displays with 3D Synthetic Vision, providing a “clear-day VFR view” of the world in front of you. Vantage comes complete with dual attitude references sensors for redundancy and large hybrid touch-screen displays that provide a fresh, ‘Big Glass’ upgrade that reduces workload and enhances your situational awareness .


Core Technology

The feeling that comes with a momentary loss of situational awareness can be extremely uncomfortable. Avidyne’s Synthetic Vision takes away that feeling by giving you a “VFR clear day” view of the world in front of you with 3D depictions of nearby traffic, obstacles, airports, and terrain, with flight plan overlay and full-color terrain alerting.

  • 3D Synthetic Vision Display
  • Hybrid Touch
  • FMS Preview
  • GLAS™
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Straightforward Installation
  • GeoFill™
  • Compatibility
  • 3D Synthetic Vision Display

    The feeling that comes with a momentary loss of situational awareness can be extremely uncomfortable. Avidyne’s Synthetic Vision takes away that feeling by giving you a “VFR clear day” view of the world in front of you with 3D depictions of nearby traffic, obstacles, airports, and terrain, with flight plan overlay and full-color terrain alerting.

  • Hybrid Touch

    Whether you prefer tactile feel of a button clicking under your fingertip and a knob to hang onto in choppy air, or the iPad-like operation of a touch-screen display, Avidyne has you covered both ways with our Hybrid Touch user interface. Combined with Avidyne’s abbreviated menu structure, you can retrieve information, change screen views, and input flight plan updates faster and easier than any other avionics system.

  • FMS Preview

    Flight planning shouldn’t be difficult. Avidyne’s ‘FMS Preview’ simplifies your pre-flight and in-flight planning by providing real-time graphical depictions of airways, exit points, holds, and approach procedures, as you select them, making every aspect of flight plan entry faster, easier, and more intuitive.

  • Avidyne GLAS™ Technology

    If you have an aircraft with a legacy EFIS flight deck and are looking to add SBAS/LPV-capability, in many cases your options have either been non-existent or cost-prohibitive. Until now. Avidyne’s FMS systems with integrated GLAS (GPS Legacy Avionics Support) enablement provide the fastest, most cost-effective upgrade path to SBAS/WAAS/LPV, so you can continue to fly your otherwise highly-capable aircraft into airports with SBAS approaches displayed right on your existing EFIS without incurring a costly OEM EFIS overhaul or replacement. Avidyne GLAS gives you the accuracy, integrity, reliability and availability of SBAS, into the more than 6,500 runway ends in the U.S. and worldwide, most of which have no ILS at all. Avidyne’s GLAS-enabled FMS systems provide a cost-effective solution to extend the life of your current aircraft by increasing its capability and utility.

  • Wireless Connectivity

    All Avidyne IFDs include built-in WiFi and Bluetooth® connectivity and provide you with multiple ways to control your IFD including your Apple iPad™ (with IFD100 App installed) or the MK10 remote Bluetooth keyboard that is provided with each Avidyne IFD. Additionally, all Avidyne IFDs connect wirelessly to third-party flight planning and mapping applications including ForeFlight® Mobile EFB, FlightPlanGO ®, Seattle Avionics FlyQ®, SkyDemon™, AvPlan ® EFB, and Cloud Ahoy® ‒ giving you, the pilot, more options for the solution that works best for you.

  • Straightforward Installation

    Installation can be a significant cost driver when upgrading your avionics and you shouldn’t have to choose between a used 15-year-old box and a new unit just because of the installation costs. All Avidyne avionics are designed to make installation fast and easy, especially when upgrading from well know competitive brands like the GNS430/530 Series, where the difference in installation time is negligible and can save significantly on installation cost. Choose Avidyne and use that money to get modern avionics with improved compatibility and simple updates via USB. You’ll be back in the air sooner and with less cost.

  • Avidyne’s GeoFill™

    There’s no need to manually enter all the letters for every waypoint with Avidyne’s Geofill. That’s because Geofill intelligently predicts the next waypoint based on its proximity to your current location or the previous waypoint in your flight plan. All you need to do is enter the first one or two letters of a waypoint identifier and in most cases Geofill will automatically nominate the desired waypoint and add it to your flight plan, dramatically reducing data entry and head down time. Geofill makes flight plan entry and editing faster and more accurate.

  • Compatibility

    While other avionics manufacturers are announcing the "end of service" on their products, you can sit back and smile knowing your Avidyne avionics systems are still supported and serviced even after 20+ years. Additionally, all Avidyne radios, flight displays and autopilots are engineered with extensive I/O so upgrading is fast and economical.

“Going fast is my business. That’s why I chose Avidyne’s IFD540 for my GPS/NAV/COM upgrade. The direct replacement of my old 530 took no time at all, and entering flightplans is fast and easy”

Bill Elliott

IFD540 Customer, NASCAR® Legend

"I rely on my airplane for business travel and the IFD540 makes my flights uneventful, even in hard IFR."

Larry Levin

IFD540 Customer, Socata Trinidad Owner

"What an upgrade! The IFD540 does everything for better than the Garmin it replaced. Entering complex IFR flight plans is much more intuitive and takes a fraction of the time it used to."

Mike Sutton

IFD540 Customer, Cessna 210 Owner

How We Work

Avidyne avionics are sold, serviced and installed through our worldwide network of certified dealers. If you need assistance finding a dealer or if you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us directly. We’d love to hear from you

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