Baron Pilot


1973 Beechcraft Baron B55

Avidyne Panel: 

IFD550, IFD440, IFD100, AMX240, AXP340, SKYTRAX100



Q&A with Baron Pilot

Why did you become a pilot? 

I became a Private Pilot in the early 90’s. As far back as my memory goes I always had a passion for flying and wanted to become a pilot.

What do you love about flying? 

There is just something so majestic about flying. For me, no matter what is going on in my life, the second the wheels lift off the ground all my troubles remain on the ground and I just feel free.

How was Baron Pilot created? 

I started Baron Pilot to educate others and share my passion for aviation. I had no idea it would ever grow into what it has become. After watching Premier1Driver, I thought, “how cool, I can do that”. I started off with a single camera, no audio and I was so excited to have anyone watch. When it reached 500 subscribers I felt like I had won the lottery. Now I have close to 40,000 subscribers to my channel and growing. Social media has taken off too. It’s been a great journey so far.

Most memorable flying experience? 

It is difficult to choose just one experience as the most memorable. I love sharing aviation especially with people whom have never flown in a small airplane before. Every one of those experiences rank high on my list. But my top two would have to be taking my children flying & taking my mom flying for the first time. What can be better then flying with loved ones?

Why did you decide to fly Avidyne?

I always felt the traditional GPS’ for GA lacked something which was only highlighted when I did some training with FMS systems in jets. When I purchased the Baron, I did so knowing I would eventually be adding a GPS to the avionics stack. At the time I started to do my research, Garmin was charging for their simulator and Avidyne was not. I would later discover that this was the first clue to the different philosophies of the two companies. So I downloaded the simulator and instantly fell in love with the IFD’s logic. To answer the question “why Avidyne” in one sentence: the IFD is more of a FMS logic while the GTN is a traditional GPS. My brain prefers the logic of an FMS over a standard GPS.

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