Avidyne Atlas is a next-generation ‘multifunction’ flight management system that’s an easy-to-use touch screen navigator with full-color display of moving map, weather, traffic, geo-referenced approach charts & airport diagrams, radar, video, integrated WiFi connectivity, and extensive I/O including Avidyne’s unique GLAS technology for seamless integration with a wide-range of EFIS systems for SBAS/LPV approach capability.

Melbourne, Florida  – October 15, 2019Avidyne Corporation, a leading provider of integrated avionics systems, displays, ADS-B and safety systems for general aviation aircraft, announced their new dzus-mounted Avidyne Atlas  multifunction flight management system for turbine-class aircraft and helicopters.


The Avidyne Atlas includes a Satellite-based Augmentation System (SBAS) GPS navigator with Required Navigation Performance (RNP) and Area Navigation (RNAV) capability, including Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV), Lateral Navigation/ Vertical Navigation  (LNAV/VNAV), LNAV-Only, and Approach Procedures with Vertical (APV) approach modes. The system also features a full QWERTY style keyboard, with Avidyne’s unique ‘Page & Tab’ and hybrid touch-screen user interface, allowing the pilot to get to any function in only one or two button pushes.  The touch screen also provides full color Moving Map, plus geo-referenced Jeppesen™ Electronic Approach Charts and Airport Diagrams.


“We are really excited to announce the Avidyne Atlas multifunction flight management system for business aviation.  Avidyne Atlas is a next-generation FMS replacement specifically targeted to provide console-equipped jet operators with a highly-capable navigation and flight management solution that pilots will find incredibly easy to use,” said Avidyne CEO Dan Schwinn. “We are already working closely with OEMs and also with several key MRO partners to identify launch platforms for the Avidyne ATLAS.”


“Based on proven Avidyne technology in use in thousands of units and with hundreds of thousands of flight hours, the all-in-one Avidyne Atlas really gives our Part 25 customers a powerful new option when upgrading their GPS navigation capabilities, especially in aircraft with older-generation EFIS displays where options have been limited,” said John Talmadge, Avidyne’s Director of Worldwide Sales.  “Customers choosing the Avidyne Atlas will really appreciate its integrated design and lower installation costs, and more importantly they will see dramatic operational cost reduction, including big savings in recurring costs for updates of the FMS database and electronic approach plates, as well as extended warranty. This will be a great upgrade for operators that previously chose to do a compliance-only ADS-B Out upgrade, as Atlas will provide them with the full benefits that SBAS has to offer.”


About Avidyne Atlas™

The Avidyne Atlas flight management system is a dzus-mount GPS/SBAS flight management system that meets TSO-C146c for full SBAS/LPV approach guidance, including easy-to-use flight planning, ‘one-touch’ departure, airway, and arrival navigation, and Avidyne’s innovative GeoFill™ waypoint nomination.  The Avidyne Atlas has a full QWERTY-style keyboard along with touch-screen ‘hybrid touch’ user interface that provides easy map panning and rubber-band flight plan editing.  Its extensive I/O is designed to integrate with existing equipment in the aircraft including a long list of EFIS, PFDs, CDIs, HSIs, remote sensors, and autopilots, and it is also an approved ADS-B GPS position source with numerous transponders.  Avidyne’s GPS Legacy Avionics Support (GLAS™) provides a direct interface to legacy Collins Proline 21 and Honeywell Primus EFIS systems for vertical guidance during approach operations. This unique integration capability enables EFISs certified before the availability of LPV approaches to have coupled approach guidance on these and other SBAS approaches.


The Avidyne Atlas boasts a variety of features not found in any other FMS system, such as:

  • Hybrid touch-screen user interface
  • Moving map with extensive airspace, terrain, navaid, and airport display capability
  • Display of XM or ADS-B weather with full graphics as an overlay on the map
  • Traffic display from TCAS, TAS, or ADS-B
  • Display of Jeppesen approach plates and airport diagrams with aircraft position shown on the charts
  • Integrated WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Avidyne GLAS™ technology
  • Integration with ForeFlight® and a host of other EFBs
  • Built-in USB charger
  • Optional integrated 16-Watt VHF COM, VOR, localizer and glide slope radio
  • Optional radar display for Bendix King digital radars
  • Optional integrated TAWS-B


Avidyne Atlas also offers an optional RS-170 video display capability.


The system is 7.5” tall, 5.75” wide, and 10.615” deep and is form factor compatible with a host of legacy FMS systems.


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