Training Software Downloads

Full-Function EX500 and EX5000 Simulator with CMax™ and MultiLink™

Please choose one of the following download options, based on your location and/or Internet connection speed:

The different downloads and hard drive size requirements are as follows:


Interactive Training Software with CMax™ Charts by Region
Full CONUS Full CONUS - 440MB Hard Disk Space Required Right Click, 'Save As' - 310MB Zip File
East Region East Region - 293MB Hard Disk Space Required Right Click, 'Save As' - 149MB Zip File
Central Region Central Region - 275MB Hard Disk Space Required Right Click, 'Save As' - 130MB Zip File
West Region West Region - 247MB Hard Disk Space Required Right Click, 'Save As' - 104MB Zip File
Installation Guides
Installation Guide Right Click, 'Save As' - 1.45MB PDF File
ReadMe File Right Click, 'Save As' - 7KB TXT File

Instructions for downloading:

1) Create a temporary folder on your desktop called "Avidyne."

2) Click on the link to the desired Full or Regional Download from the table above. You may be asked if you want to save or open this file... Click on the "Save" button and save it to the "Avidyne" folder on the Desktop of your PC.

Step 1

3) Once the download is complete, (and it may take a while due to the large file size), locate and double click on the "Avidyne FlightMax-Full.Zip" (or regional version) file. When WinZip opens, click on the "Extract" icon, and install the files to the "Avidyne" folder on your desktop.

Step 3

4) Once File Extraction is completed. you may close WinZip. Then open the "Avidyne" folder on your desktop, and double click on the file called "setup.exe" to launch the full installation of the software. (See Installation Guide for step by step instructions.)

5) Once Installation is complete and you have verified the operation of the demo, you may choose to delete the "Avidyne" folder from your desktop in order to recover some disk space.


1) The Interactive Training Software does not include the following:

  • EMax™ dedicated Engine page
  • EMax™ Data block read outs on the Map page
  • Live XM weather
  • Live 2-Way Datalink weather
  • Live 2-Way Datalink messaging

2) This Interactive Training Software is designed for product demonstration, procedural training and as a familiarization tool and should never be used for actual flight planning or weather forecasting or for any other navigation purposes.


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