EX500 Specifications
Size Height Width Depth Weight
EX500 MFD 4.35" 6.25" 10.75" 7.2lbs (3.24kg)

TSO Compliance

TSO-C63c Airborne Weather Radar
TSO-C110a Airborne Passive Thunderstorm Detection
TSO-C113 Airborne Multipurpose Electronic Display
TSO-C118 Traffic Alert & Collision Avoidance (TCAS)
TSO-C147 Traffic Advisory System (TAS)
TSO-C157 Flight Information Systems-Broadcast (FIS-B)

5.5” Diagonal
616×350 pixels
65,535 colors
Ultrabright sunlight readable
Extra-wide viewing angle

System Power:
Max 5.0A @ 28VDC

DO 160D
To 50,000 ft.
-20°C to +55°C Operating
+70°C Short TermExtra

Internal forced air cooling provided

2 Years parts and labor included
Extended warranty service available

EX500 Input Chart

The FlightMax EX500 presents navigation, radar, datalink weather, lightning, traffic, and terrain data in an easy-to-interpret format, dramatically improving situational awareness and enhancing safety through all phases of flight.