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Avidyne Receives NASA Commitment to Excellence Award

NASA Award given in recognition of technological achievement for HITS

Lincoln, MA – Thursday, August 30, 2001 – 

Avidyne Corporation of Lincoln, Mass., today announced that they are the recipient of the NASA 2001 Commitment to Excellence Award for their work on the AGATE HITS program. The award was presented by the NASA Northeast Region Outreach Center at the 10th Annual NASA Technology  and Business Conference, on Tuesday, 14 August 2001 in Providence, RI.

Avidyne recently completed work on their “Highway in the Sky” (HITS) display technology, as part of NASA’s AGATE (Advanced General Aviation Transport Experiments) Alliance. HITS was successfully demonstrated at last month’s EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin by NASA’s Chief Technologist, Sam Venerri.

“We are honored to receive this award is in recognition of our technological achievements,” said Avidyne President Dan Schwinn. “What we have accomplished with our HITS technology is another step forward in the realization of NASA’s vision for general aviation.”

The goal of HITS technology is to significantly increase utility, safety, and ease-of-flying. Affordable glass cockpit technology will provide pilots with direct access to all the information needed to safely determine their routes, speeds and proximity to adverse weather conditions, terrain and other aircraft.

About HITS

Avidyne’s HITS software uses technology, which replaces today’s antiquated dials and gauges with large digital displays. These digital displays have an “open-systems” architecture that integrates the best of today’s advanced instrumentation and also easily upgrades to incorporate technologies developed in the future. NASA and the FAA intend that the design produced under the Highway in the Sky Program will define the standard for future GA aircraft instrument panels and will ensure that the information necessary for safe, efficient travel is clearly and intuitively presented.


The Advanced General Aviation Transport Experiments (AGATE) Alliance (http://agate.larc.nasa.gov) is a unique partnership of public and private interests committed to improving safety in general aviation and to revitalizing the U.S. small aircraft industry. Under the leadership and sponsorship of NASA and FAA, more than 70 American companies have joined forces and shared resources to establish new standards and to validate emerging technologies for single-engine/single-pilot airplanes. The AGATE Alliance aims to make these airplanes as safe and economical as automobiles for trips typically ranging from 200 to 1000 miles, as an alternative to further gridlock on the nation’s automobile highways and hub-and-spoke commercial aviation airports.

About Avidyne Corporation

Based in Lincoln, Mass., Avidyne Corporation (ww w.avidyne.com) is revolutionizing the future of flight for business and commercial aviation through the power of today’s most advanced technology. The company is leading the avionics industry with innovative products that greatly enhance pilots’ situational awareness and safety during every phase of flight. Avidyne Corporation is the lead developer of NASA’s “Highway in the Sky” (HITS) and program which call upon Avidyne and its partners to design the general aviation aircraft cockpit of the future in an effort to significantly increase utility, safety and ease-of-flying.

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