Entegra Release 9
Entegra Release 9

If you own a Cirrus today, or if you are considering the purchase of a new or used aircraft, consider this:

Avidyne, in conjunction with the country’s leading Cirrus sales and maintenance facilities , has launched the G3-R9 program that combines the purchase of a late-model, low-time Cirrus aircraft and the addition of the Avidyne Entegra Release 9 avionics suite for much less than you may have thought, and certainly much less than purchasing a brand new aircraft.

The G3-R9 combines the best airframe, best engine and best avionics for the best value.

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Value Incentive to go with
Entegra Release 9

Value Proposition
According to Q4 2008 Vref, approximate aircraft values are:

Cirrus SR22
2004 SR22 (760 TT) = $210K
2005 SR22G2 (570 TT) = $230K
2006 SR22G3 (380 TT) = $290K
2007 SR22G3 (190 TT) = $350K
2008 SR22G3 (100 TT) = $400K

Cirrus Perspective = $650K

Piper Saratoga
2000 Saratoga II TC =$269K
2001 Saratoga II HP =$327K
2003 Saratoga II TC =$345K
2004 Saratoga II TC =$369K
2005 Saratoga II TC =$450K

Piper PA-46
Piper PA-46 Matrix =$700K

Your choices are:

  • Buy a new aircraft = $650K

  • Buy a used aircraft
    + R9 = $140 - 400K + $85K

  • Upgrade existing to
    Release 9 = $85K
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Entegra Release 9

Regardless of the vintage of Cirrus aircraft you currently fly or that you are interested in purchasing, you have a path to Entegra Release 9.

With the G3-R9, we are delivering ‘like new’ Cirrus aircraft and our customers have been delighted with its ease of use and overall capability. It’s simply a great combination.

-- Matt Hagans, CEO, Eagle Creek


Release 9 adds significant value and provides our customers with a more capable four-place piston aircraft than they can get anywhere else, new or used.

-- Dave Moberg, President of Aircraft Sales at Leading Edge


G3-R9 gives our customers a ‘best-in-class’ aircraft in terms of airframe, engine, and state-of-the-art avionics.

-- Kenny Scherado, President of Lone Mountain Aviation.



  For more info on G3-R9:
  Lone Mountain Aviation Eagle Creek Aviation Leading Edge Aircraft Lanmar  
  North Las Vegas Airport
2830 N. Rancho Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89130
Eagle Creek Airpark (KEYE)
4101 Dandy Trail
Indianapolis, IN 46254
Tampa Executive Airport
6582 Eureka Springs Rd.
Tampa, FL 33610
813- 626-1515
Lanmar Aviation
201 Tower Ave
Groton, CT 06340
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Entegra Release 9

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