Avidyne IFD540 aviation gps

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IFD540 vs GTN 750 IFD540 vs GNS 530

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What makes the IFD540 so unique?

Click through the videos below for visual demonstrations of just a few of the superior features of the IFD540.

IFD100 - Wirelessly Controlling the IFD with an iPad!

QWERTY Keyboard

Larry Levin, Dual-IFD540 Customer Testimonial

Tony Cancel, IFD540 Customer Testimonial

Entering a Flight Plan

Using a Bluetooth® Keyboard

Pinch Zoom

Page & Tab User Interface

Frequency List

Nearest Tab

Truly Plug & Play

Loading an Approach


Datablock Setup

Using the iPad App

GeoFillâ„¢ Feature

Avidyne IFD540 Pilot Training Webinar

Terrain Awareness & Alerting

Entering a Hold


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