Avidyne Virtual Oshkosh 2020

EAA “Spirit of Aviation” Week – July 20-25, 2020

Join us as we honor the aviation community with EAA Airventure 2020, “Spirit of Aviation” Week.   Just because we can’t be together this week, it doesn’t mean we can’t share what’s happening in our corner of the aviation world.  This year, Avidyne has broke down barriers and expanded into new markets while continuing to make the GA community a priority.

Check out the Event Schedule for product training, special demos and exclusive daily interviews with some of the most influential pilots in General Aviation.  Discover what’s new with Avidyne including our new Pilot Training Program, exclusive Pilot Club, new products that are coming to market, and continued effort to forward innovate for a better industry tomorrow.

So let’s spend some virtual time together and celebrate the Spirit of Aviation!

See daily schedule below for webinars and events during  Avidyne Virtual Oshkosh 2020.  Click the link to register.

Monday 7/20/2020

Avidyne presents “Baron Pilot” with Jeff Simon on SocialFlight Live!

5:00 pm CDT/22:00 UTC

Listen in as Kris Patasnik, a.k.a  “Baron Pilot”, talks to Jeff about his experience as a pilot flying his famous Beech Baron and the fast pace life of corporate jets.  Learn how he became one of social media’s most influential general aviation pilots.

Baron Pilot Interview

Tuesday 7/21/2020

Avidyne IFD Basics Webinar

10 am CDT/15:00 UTC

Learn the basic functionality, features and key benefits of the IFD550/IFD540/IFD440 FMS/GPS/NAV/COMs.  Great webinar if you’re considering an Avidyne IFD for as your next GPS navigator.

Avidyne presents “310 Pilot” and his wife Jamie with Jeff Simon on SocialFlight Live!

5:00 pm CDT/22:00 UTC

Tune in as Jeff chats with Kevin Thorton, “310 Pilot”, and his wife Jamie about being a pilot, a family man and one the biggest success stories on YouTube.  Featured in AOPA as a Top 5 YouTubers in the aviation industry.

310 Pilot Interview

Wednesday 7/22/2020

Avidyne IFD Advanced Webinar

10 am CDT/15:00 UTC

Learn the most advanced features and functionality of the IFD Series.  Get special tips, tricks including how to do approaches.

Avidyne presents “Adrian Eichhorn” with Jeff Simon on SocialFlight Live!

5:00 pm CDT/22:00 UTC

An experienced retired Captain for JetBlue, and world traveler Adrian Eichhorn has seen, and done, just about it all!  Learn more about his Fellowship in Aviation, planned trip to the North Pole and his most recent panel upgrade to his Beechcraft Baron.  Interesting fact: he designed and installed it himself.

Adrian Eichhorn Interview

Thursday 7/23/2020

Intro to Avidyne ATLAS Dzus-mount Multifunction FMS System

10 am CDT/15:00 UTC

Learn about Avidyne’s newest product,  Avidyne Atlas, a dzus-mount  MultiFunction Flight Management System that provides better technology and improved funtionality for turbine class aircraft.  A true game-changer for the business aviation market.

Intro to Avidyne Atlas

Avidyne presents “MZeroA’s Jason Schappert” on SocialFlight Live!

5:00 pm CDT/22:00 UTC

Master flight instructor Jason Schappert of MZeroA chats with Jeff on his unique and dynamic perspective on flight training and how “a good pilot is always learning.”

Jason Schappert Interview

Friday 7/24/2020

Using the IFD100 App + Foreflight®

Discover more about the innovative, and FREE, IFD100 App that accompanies Avidyne’s IFD-Series FMS/GPS systems.  See how the Avidyne IFD100 App can help you simplify your flying by giving you an additional, large-screen display and control for your IFD. Plus, learn how easy it is to transfer flightplans that you created at home wirelessly to the IFD.

10 am CDT/15:00 UTC

Avidyne presents ” Zen Pilot”,  Robert DeLaurentis with Jeff Simon on SocialFlight Live!

5:00 pm CDT/22:00 UTC

Join Jeff as he hosts author and aviator Robert DeLaurentis aka “Zen Pilot” who recently completed an historic pole-to-pole flight over the North and South Poles.

Robert DeLaurentis Interview