Avidyne Subscription Services

MLB700 Subscriptions

Avidyne’s CONUS Weather Data Subscription Services* (using WSI InFlight Data)

  Avidyne Professional† $54.99 Avidyne Performance $44.99 Avidyne Essentials $29.99
NOWrad® Yes Yes Yes
Graphical METARs Yes Yes Yes
Textual METARs Yes Yes Yes
TAFs Yes Yes Yes
TFRs Yes Yes Yes
Lightning Yes Yes Yes
Storm Tracker (Cell Movement) Yes Yes  
Echo Tops (Cell Height) Yes Yes  
Winds Aloft Yes Yes  
Temps Aloft Yes Yes  
Graphical AIRMETs Yes Yes  
Graphical SIGMETs Yes Yes  
Canadian Radar Yes Yes  
Canadian METARs & TAFs Yes Yes  
Caribbean METARs & TAFs Yes Yes  
Icing Severity (R9 Only) Yes    
Super-Cooled Liquid Droplets (SLD) (R9 Only) Yes    

*Requires $99 Activation fee
†Avidyne Professional only available for Entegra Release 9 customers.

SIRIUS® Audio subscriptions are available for $12.95/month through SIRIUS® Satellite Radio.

To activate your SIRIUS radio, call 1.888.539.SIRIUS (7474)
Or you can visit www.sirius.com/install

MLX770 Service Options
* Standard MLX Weather $69.99/Month + $1.00/Update


  • Worldwide METARs and TAFs
  • United States AIRMETs, SIGMETs, and TFRs
  • SMS Text Messaging

*Required for all other options.

North American Radar $29.99/Month
  Includes Radar coverage for:
  • Continental UNited States
  • Southern Canada
  • Northern Mexico

WSI European Radar

$59.99/Month - Billed by WSI

  Includes Radar coverage for:
  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom
  • Isle of Man
  • Guernsey
  • Jersey
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Liechtenstein
  • Luxembourg
  • Switzerland
  • Netherlands
  • Western Austria
  • Western Czech Republic

WSI Australian Radar

$59.99/Month - Billed by WSI

  Includes Radar coverage for:
  • Coastal Australia
  • Portions of Central Australia