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IFD-Series Freeplay iPad App

Avidyne’s new IFD-Series Free Play Simulator for the Apple iPad® is now available through the App Store at no charge!

Using your iPad, you can download either an Americas or International version. Each version of the IFD simulator includes a full regional database of airports and charts, allowing pilots to get familiar with the user interface and operation of the IFDs in the region in which they fly.

iPad users will be able to perform virtually all IFD product functions including flight planning, mapping, configuration, and frequency management via the iPad touchscreen. With a WiFi internet connection, users of the Americas version can receive live “datalink” WSI weather while ‘flying’ in the Continental US region.

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Click HERE to download our quickstart guide to help you get up and running with our new app. Or Watch video to learn how to get started.

Click HERE to learn how to easily change altitude on the IFD540 iPad Sim.

Avidyne iPad App Download

IFD540 Charts and Airport diagrams