Touch-Screen Navigators for your Helicopter

IFD-Series Touch-Screen GPS Navigators for your Helicopter

Avidyne IFD540 in a Robinson R66
Robinson R66 IFD540 Installation.

Slide-In Replacements

The Avidyne IFD-Series of GPS navigators are direct slide-in replacements for GNS 530 and 430 navigators. Using the same trays and wiring for the GNS series, Avidyne’s IFDs dramatically reduce installation time, saving you time and money.

Hybrid Touch

Unlike any other GPS navigator on the market, the IFD series was designed with real world flying conditions in mind. The IFDs are touch-screen, yet still have knobs and buttons for all functions to give the pilot the choice for reliable operation with minimum heads down time in rough conditions. There is no compromise with the IFD series – touch-screen when you want it, buttons when you need them.

Remote COM Channel Selection & Frequency Transfer

Helicopter operators will appreciate the IFDs ability to remotely select up to 16 pre-programmed COM channels via an optional cyclic-mounted switch which increments through each COM channel number and frequency for display in the standby COM window. A remote frequency transfer input makes it just as easy to switch the selected channel/frequency into the active window when needed.

Avidyne IFD440 and IFD100 in a Robinson R44
Robinson R44 IFD440/IFD100 Installation.

Synthetic Vision

Integrated on all IFD models, Avidyne’s Synthetic Vision provides 3D display of nearby traffic and terrain plus Terrain and Obstacle Alerting, an added measure of safety and situational awareness for helicopter operators flying low-altitude operations.

Avidyne IFD540, IFD440 and stack


Avidyne’s free IFD100 App turns any iPad into a big glass extension of your installed IFD. Every IFD function can be displayed and controlled on IFD100, and is wireless synchronized over WiFi with the IFD in your panel. View maps & charts, view & change flight plans, view & change COM frequencies – all on your iPad mounted where ever your mission demands.


The IFD series built in Bluetooth and WiFi also enables you to connect the IFD to a growing roster of third party apps. From partners such as Seattle Avionics and Flight Plan Go, to Cloud Ahoy and ForeFlight, Avidyne is leading a growing network of app developers to continuously bring better functionality to your avionics suite.


Aviyne IFD540 rubberbanding


The IFD540 is a full-featured GPS/FMS/NAV/COM with hybrid touch, wireless connectivity, and Synthetic Vision built right in.

Aviyne IFD540 rubberbanding


The IFD440 leverages almost all of the functionality as the IFD540, but with a smaller form factor where panel space is at a premium.

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