Avidyne Pilot Spotlight

Avidyne pilots come in all shapes and sizes.  Some of our pilots fly experimental, some fly mods, while others fly business and commercial jets.  Our pilots range from legendary NASCAR drivers to astronauts and Shuttle Commanders to world travelers.   No matter what they fly or how fast they go, they have one thing in common:  They love Avidyne.   Read on to learn what inspired our Avidyne pilots to take to the skies, their most memorable experiences, and what they like most about Avidyne.

Adrian Eichhorn, Commercial Pilot

“I wanted something different than what everyone else has. Avidyne was recommended so I did some research. I soon learned that the display is better on the IFD and the user interface is far superior. I could have went with the competition but was concerned about the lack of support and functionality that I wanted.”

Q&A with Adrian Eichhorn

Baron Pilot

“When I purchased the Baron, I knew I was going to add a GPS to the stack. While doing my research, I downloaded Avidyne’s simulator and instantly fell in love with the IFD’s logic. Put simply, the IFD is more of an FMS logic while the competition is a traditional GPS.”

Q&A with Baron Pilot

Charlie Precourt, NASA Astronaut/Shuttle Commander

“I have found the combination of total capabilities and lower cost make it a great solution. Being able to do my preflight at the office, file a flight plan on Foreflight® and then load all the data to the IFD FMS via WiFi is a huge feature for me. Saves lots of time on the ground and ensures accuracy of input.”

Q&A with Charlie Precourt

Martin Pauly

 “After replacing my older 530/430 with the new IFDs, the improvements jump out on every flight. My personal favorites: the complete navigation and guidance capabilities of a real flight management system and the ease of nav database updates without special hardware and tools.”

Q&A with Martin Pauly

310 Pilot

“Recently, we decided to upgrade our old GNS system. We visited with multiple manufacturers producing replacements. It was a unanimous decision, we decided to upgrade to a full Avidyne avionics suite. I’ve had the pleasure of flying with the full suite and I’m absolutely loving our decision to upgrade with Avidyne more and more.”

Q&A with 310 Pilot

Robert DeLaurentis, Zen Pilot

 “I like the fact that Avidyne is pilot-centric, dedicated solely to aviation. I also love that the IFD uses a different coordinate system than the competition so that when I fly over the Poles in 2019 where all the earth’s meridians meet, I will still have a GPS signal. I know I can rely on my GPS anywhere, anytime.” 

Q&A with Zen Pilot