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Avidyne Announces Training Partner for IFD Series

Gary Reeves & PilotSafety.org will develop new, in-depth video-based training programs for Avidyne avionics products, starting with IFD440/540 FMS GPS Systems.

Oshkosh, WI – Sunday, July 24, 2016 – 

Avidyne Corporation announced that they have teamed with Master Instructor, Gary Reeves and PilotSafety.org  to develop new, in-depth training programs for Avidyne’s avionics product line, starting with their IFD440/540 FMS GPS systems.

“Avidyne will be the first major avionics company to provide these superior training resources for pilots,” said Gary Reeves.  “Using our in-flight video-based curriculum, IFD440 and IFD540 owners and prospects will get real world exposure to the power and simplicity of these great Avidyne products.”

“We are pleased to have Gary Reeves and PilotSafety.org as a designated training partner,” said Mitch Biggs, Avidyne’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Gary has significant expertise as a professional instructor, especially in single-pilot operations and with GPS technology, and we believe our customers will find it very beneficial.”

Reeves’ comprehensive training program will include the following:

  1. Free webinars, which are available now. - visit www.PilotSafety.org to register.

  2. Free 90 minute training DVD with each new unit purchased. This video will also be available on line at Avidyne.com or PilotSafety.org at no charge.

  3. Free training seminars will be available at national aviation events, like EAA AirVenture, Sun n’ Fun, FLYING Aviation Expo, and others, presented live by Gary Reeves.

  4. Flight Instructor training programs including, free lesson plans and teaching guides will be created.

  5. A six hour Mastery video training system avail at PilotSafety.org

  6. A three day one-on-one intensive master training program in the owner's aircraft at their home airport.

Reeves will be hosting seminars during EAA AirVenture 2016 including:

Monday, July 25   1pm   “Getting to Know the Avidyne  IFD”  Forum - Stage 1

Tuesday, July 26  11am  “Flying Avidyne IFD in IFR”  FreeFlight Tent*

Wednesday July 27  11:30am “Avidyne IFD- CFI Mastery Course”  FreeFlight Tent*

*FreeFlight Seminar Tent is just outside of the east door of Hangar C.

About The Pilot Safety Institute (www.pilotsafety.org)

The Pilot Safety Institute and PilotSafety.org was founded by Gary Reeves, Master Instructor, Lead FAA Safety Team Rep to work with pilots, flight schools, instructors and, aviation groups worldwide to reduce general aviation accidents from pilot-error causes such as fuel starvation, weather and aeronautical decision making.  Reeves is the 2016 FAA Instructor of the Year for the WP Region, an ATP, Master Instructor and well know National Public Speaker on GA Safety. Reeves is also a lead safety rep for the FAA Safety Team and provides WINGS safety classes all over the US.

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