Avidyne Promotion

In light of the recent FAA $500 rebate announcement--which doesn't take affect until September-- we have put together our own $500 "Don't Wait" Rebate program so customers can act now and get the benefits of ADS-B sooner rather than later.

Here's what you need to know to get this "Don’t Wait Rebate."

  1. June 17 through September 18, Avidyne will offer a "Don't Wait" ADS-B Rebate in the amount of $500.
  2. It's an "Instant Rebate" so you get the savings NOW. Don't have to wait on the government. Your dealer can take it right off your quote.
  3. Rebate offer for Single-Engine Piston Aircraft. Customer must install an ADS-B Out-compliant solution.
  4. No red tape- No extra forms to fill out. No extra hoops to jump through.
  5. This Rebate can also be coupled with with our current "Free SkyTrax100" promotion ($2,499 value) for nearly $3,000 in total savings.
  6. This rebate offer is good for orders for ADS-B compliant equipment for U.S. registered single-engine piston aircraft placed between June 17 and September 18, 2016.
  7. This rebate available on purchases of $5,000 or more.
  8. This rebate is offered in lieu of and is not available in addition to the FAA Rebate.

Don't Wait for the FAA's Rebate. Here's what we know about the FAA Rebate program as of June 17. As you can see here, it requires a lot more work.

  1. FAA's $500 rebates will not begin to be available until late September and the FAA will announce the effective date soon.
  2. FAA Rebate is only for fixed-wing, Single Engine Piston aircraft.
  3. FAA Rebate is for qualifying TSO'd ADS-B OUT avionics
  4. Only 20,000 rebates will be issued (or for a period of 1 year, which ever comes first)
  5. To get the rebate, owners must get a "Rebate Reservation" via a yet-to-be announced website.
  6. Owner must ensure that their Civil Aircraft Registry information is accurate--any discrepancies must be corrected before a valid "Incentive Code" will be issued.
  7. Rebates will only be paid on qualified installations that occur after the September date.
  8. There is also a 30-minute validation flight requirement with at least "10 aggregate minutes of maneuvering flight per AC 20-165B" that must take place within 60 days of installation in order to validate that the ADS-B OUT installation if fully compliant
  9. Full Program rules at: http://www.faa.gov/nextgen/equipadsb/rebate/media/Program_Rules_612016.pdf
  10. Failure to follow these rules will invalidate your FAA Rebate Claim

sign up here for more information or contact your dealer for instant "Don't Wait Rebate" savings.